Friday, August 7, 2009

Statement Regarding Violent Threats of NM Resident Scott Oskay

Statement from Democratic Party of New Mexico Executive Director, Josh Geise, on Violent Threats from New Mexico Resident Scott Oskay

Albuquerque, NM - The following is a statement from Democratic Party of New Mexico Executive Director, Josh Geise, on violent threats from New Mexico resident Scott Oskay. Oskay has posted on his Twitter account encouraging individuals to attend town hall meetings, carry fire arms and "badly hurt" SEIU members, ACORN members and others attending. For more on his posts click here.

"Democrats strongly believe there is nothing wrong with an honest debate about how we should reform our broken health care system. These remarks from Mr. Oskay, along with actions such as holding Nazi signs at events, hanging effigies of members of Congress and faux tombstones of others that we have seen at town halls all across America are appalling and must stop.

"Republican leaders in New Mexico like Harvey Yates and Steve Pearce should denounce these remarks and the tactics being used by organizations such as the "Tea Party Express" and the "Right Principles," who are encouraging disruptive and aggressive actions at town halls across America.

"We have real challenges in New Mexico and we need real change, not violent aggressive actions by a minority of "mob" protesters. It is our sincere hope that Chairman Yates and Mr. Pearce will denounce not only Mr. Oskay's threats, but the actions of the "Tea Party Express" and "Right Principles."

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